There has been an increase in shed and garage burglaries:
Access to garden – have a locked gate
Fix trellis to the fencing to deter people climbing over
Lock shed using a closed shackle padlock
Burr screws on hinges to prevent unscrewing
Install a motion sensor shed/garage alarm
Large items like mowers & bikes to be chained down
Security mark property
Is it necessary to store high value items within outbuildings?
Secondary access points should be secured. If no longer used then permanently fix shut
Consider installing CCTV
Consider installing security lights with motion sensors
Place car close to garage doors to prevent entry
Ensure you have insurance should a crime take plac

Distraction burglary – This is where a criminal will try and talk their way into your home or distract you whilst another person finds a way into your home in order to steal from you.  Common methods include pretending to be from the gas, electric, phone/internet or water companies, asking to use your phone, asking for water or directions. None of the utility suppliers will ask to come inside your property without calling ahead.  Meter readers may need to access your home if your meters are indoors and will have ID.
Rogue Traders – A rogue trader is a tradesperson who exploits their customers in a range of manners, for example:
Providing low quality, dangerous work
Not producing work to the standard and/or price that had been agreed
Inappropriately inflating the cost of a piece of work
Recommending and/or performing unnecessary work
Damaging property so they can “fix” the problem
Undertaking work that they are not qualified to do, for example, working with gas appliances when not Gas Safe Registered
Committing fraud or burglary
Bullying or threatening a customer into agreeing to work
Exhibiting threatening and aggressive behaviour to try to extort money from a customer
Most rogue trader behaviour is illegal and punishable by law.  Many rogue traders are able to get away with what they do because they target elderly and vulnerable people who lack a support system and who are less able to defend their own interests.
PedlarsIt is illegal to sell door-to-door without a pedlars licence. Door-to-door pedlars can cause alarm to residents as people fear that they may be “casing” or “eyeing up” their property. The truth is that the majority of pedlars are young people who are duped into buying stock, then driven around by a gang master to sell door-to-door. They are often unaware of the legal requirement to have a licence. People falling for this scam can have fallen on hard times and can often look unkempt, or not appear to be very good sales people, thus appearing suspicious. Whilst people continue to buy from them, they will return to an area. The best thing to do as a community is to politely decline door step sales.
Door to door sales people – These are people who are trying to obtain general leads for a business or charity.  Police advice again is that you do not buy or sell at your door, but many nationally recognised and reputable firms will send people door-to-door to generate sales leads. As with pedlars, these persons can be young people who have struggled to find other employment and without any disrespect to them, may appear unkempt and not behave like you’d expect a sales persons to act, thus again appearing suspicious to many residents.
In any case, if you suspect someone is not legitimate, call 101