Mary Foster


 Sunday 02 April

11.30 St Andrew’s Church Annual Parochial Church Meeting








 From March 26 Evensong will be at 18.00


Sunday 26 March Mothering Sunday

10.45 Parish Communion for Mothering Sunday

Sunday 09 April Palm Sunday

10.45 Parish Communion
Service will start on Castle Green

Thursday 13 April Maundy Thursday

19.30 Eucharist and Watch

Friday 14 April Good Friday

12n Procession of Witness from Castle Green to St Andrew’s Church

Sunday 16 April Easter Sunday

10.45 Parish Communion for Easter










There has been an increase in shed and garage burglaries:

Access to garden – have a locked gate
Fix trellis to the fencing to deter people climbing over
Lock shed using a closed shackle padlock
Burr screws on hinges to prevent unscrewing
Install a motion sensor shed/garage alarm
Large items like mowers & bikes to be chained down
Security mark property
Is it necessary to store high value items within outbuildings?
Secondary access points should be secured. If no longer used then permanently fix shut
Consider installing CCTV
Consider installing security lights with motion sensors
Place car close to garage doors to prevent entry
Ensure you have insurance should a crime take place